On-site Training

  • "I just want to point out the origin of our Academy of Law…here in Dubai, we have focused on raising the knowledge of our local civilian lawyers about common law in general and DIFC laws and procedures in particular. With this programme firmly established and ongoing, we are now turning our attention to educating local common lawyers in civil law especially UAE law, we might be one of the few jurisdictions in the world teaching common law to civilian lawyers on the one hand and civil law to common lawyers on the other. We might be one of the few jurisdictions in the world taking this approach."

    Michael Hwang
    Chief Justice, DIFC Courts 

  • "We partnered with the DIFC Academy of Law because we had a shared vision for enhancing knowledge, raising the bar, raising standards when it comes to ethics, when it comes to practice and legal education training so there’s a natural synergy there. Lexis Nexis wanted to give students access to the best information sources and to enable them to be critical thinkers."

    Hussain Hadi
    Director, Lexis Nexis Middle East

  • "When I selected for the scholarship programme I was so happy and my family is very proud of me. This scholarship will help me take away the financial burden I have."

    Khalid Hassan Mohammed
    Law Student, Ajman University of Science & Technology